Wineconf 2022 with XDC

Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed Jul 7 14:30:16 CDT 2021

Hi all,

As promised, here is a list of thoughts and concerns about Wineconf 
2022, presuming it is held with XDC.

First, XDC is attended by about 100-120 people, and usually has one main 
room, with scheduled tracks across three days, seemingly always a 
Wednesday-Friday.  They also like to have a second room, which is mostly 
used as spillover, although there are sometimes scheduled work shops in 
that room that overlap with the main track.

Wineconf has historically been on a Saturday/Sunday.  The idea there was 
to try to make it easier for people that don't work professionally on 
Wine to attend.  I don't know if that rationale still holds.  I'm 
particularly curious to hear from people that don't work professionally 
on Wine as to whether or not this would discourage them from coming.  I 
doubt that XDC would be interested in a different schedule, so that then 
leads me to two ideas:  hold Wineconf interleaved with XDC on all or 
some combination of the Wednesday/Thursday/Friday, or hold Wineconf on 
the Friday/Saturday, so as to overlap by only one day.  My sense is that 
the experiment would be most interesting with a full interleaving, but 
I'm really curious what others think.

If we do the fully interleaved strategy, then I think we will want three 
rooms.  We can schedule tracks in the two rooms, with one room being 
mostly X, and one room being mostly Wine, but with overlap allowed.  The 
third room is social and spillover.  That may be a bit of overkill.  My 
sense is that both Wine and have been running light on tracks of 
late, and so the added tracks from Wine may be enough to fill up the 
empty spaces left by  But I think a little overkill is probably 
better than feeling like we're missing a room.

If we do the overlap option, then I'd probably just get two rooms, as I 
think could give over their normal 'second' room to us for one day.

My thinking is to pin down some of these details, and then ask the Wine 
committee to approve Wineconf 2022 with those parameters so that we can 
submit an RFP to

Note that the deadline for RFPs to is September 1, 2021, which is 
why I am bringing this up now.

I'd appreciate other thoughts and things I might have missed.



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