Proposal to take over macOS packaging

Gijs Vermeulen gijsvrm at
Wed Jul 28 13:33:03 CDT 2021

Hi everyone,

Currently, official macOS packages haven't been released since wine-5.7.
Thus I'm sending this email on behalf of myself and Dean Greer to
officially nominate ourselves to take over the macOS packaging.

There are, however, some specifics we'd like to discuss.

The old packages were built with compatibility for macOS 10.8 and higher,
but Apple stopped supporting 10.8 a very long time ago and it would be hard
to keep supporting it for the packages.

To get anything lower functional would mean needing to compile all the
needed dylibs on the lowest supported version, as package managers don't
have prebuilds for these versions.

The ideal solution would be to raise the minimum macOS version to 10.13.
This version has only recently lost support and would allow us to ship
feature-complete packages.

Metal also started maturing a lot from 10.13 onwards. [1]

Is this something that you could agree too?

Kind regards,
Gijs & Dean

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