Wine staging 6.10 release

Alistair Leslie-Hughes leslie_alistair at
Sat Jun 5 00:37:02 CDT 2021

Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

Summary since last release
* Rebased to current wine 6.10 (571 patches are applied to wine vanilla)

Upstreamed (Either directly from staging or fixed with a similar patch).
* d3d11/tests: Add a couple of extra tests for SRV/RTV conflict.
* wined3d: Check for SRV/RTV binding conflicts per wined3d_state.
* d3d11/tests: Add some tests for Map() on deferred contexts.
* d3d11/tests: Add some tests for UpdateSubresource() on a deferred context.
* user32: AddInternalGetWindowIcon stub.
* shell32: Fix copying of files when using a context menu.
* wtsapi32: Partial implementation of WTSEnumerateProcessesW.
* wined3d: Store the framebuffer state inline in struct wined3d_cs_clear.
* d3d11: Implement ID3D11Device::CreateDeferredContext().
* d3d11: Implement ID3D11Device1::CreateDeferredContext1().
* wined3d: Keep a list of acquired resources in struct 
* d3d11: Implement ID3D11DeviceContext::ClearState() using a single CS op.
* d3d11: Implement ID3D11DeviceContext::FinishCommandList().
* wined3d: Implement restoring context in 
* d3d11: Implement ID3D11DeviceContext::ExecuteCommandList().
* server: Add extra data bytes to be added after hardware_msg_data.
* server: Add HID reports count / length to rawinput union.
* server: Add HID reports support in GetRawInputBuffer.
* server: Implement WM_INPUT / RIM_TYPEHID message dispatch.
* ws2_32: Reuse old async ws2_async_io structures if possible.

* [49905] wscript: return TRUE for /d and /u stub switches
* [51120] wbemdisp: Support DISPATCH_METHOD in ISWbemObject Invoke.
* [39463] vbscript: Support looping of data from WMI
* [51199] Add missing api-ms-win-core-psapi forwards
* [51221] dpnet: Impelment IDirectPlay8Server EnumServiceProviders.

* wined3d-CSMT_Main
* d3d11-Deferred_Context
* windows.networking.connectivity-new-dll

Where can you help
* Run Steam/
* Test your favorite game.
* Test your favorite applications.
* Improve staging patches and get them accepted upstream.

As always, if you find a bug, please report it via

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