[PATCH v2 0/5] MR169: user32/tests: Cleanup some tests.

Stefan Dösinger (@stefan) wine at gitlab.winehq.org
Wed Jun 1 13:36:38 CDT 2022

On Wed Jun  1 18:31:09 2022 +0000, Rémi Bernon wrote:
> Sure, `SetForegroundWindow` doesn't necessarily succeeds on windows, but
> in the case of the tests and how they are run on windows, it is not
> supposed to fail.
> If it fails it means the tests will fail anyway. There have been cases
> like this in testbot runs, for instance when there's an unexpected
> topmost window (for instance the firewall warning), and it should be
> fixed by fixing the environment, not by skipping tests.
> On Linux there's some other issues, but they are mitigated by the
> `flush_events` calls which makes sure X11 events stabilize in the state
> we expect windows to be. It is not ideal, and Wine `user32` and
> `winex11` are still racy w.r.t focus and foreground, but that's
> something that also need to be fixed, not ignored.
> it should be fixed by fixing the environment, not by skipping tests.

I'm not sure I agree. The testbot isn't the only environment where people possibly run the tests, and someone new to the entire user32 thing might find environment-induced test failures a bug and not a feature.

That said, it would be sensible to apply different rules to d3d and user32. In d3d, handling focus loss/gain is only a relatively small part, whereas it is pretty central to user32.


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