[PATCH v3 0/1] MR105: winegstreamer: reintroduce flushing for wg_parser

zlice (@zlice) wine at gitlab.winehq.org
Wed Jun 1 20:58:58 CDT 2022

Previous commit removed flushing but this causes issues in some games (Fallout 3 mainly).

- add flushing
- move variable creation after initial condition returns in wm_reader_get_stream_sample. This caused some slow down.
- Remove EOS sets. Some are not what flushing did before. Had some seg faults on exiting Fallout 3 with them in.

original commit 5144b27661fcd6705353d832e0383085f8afe842 that removed flushing

EOS set in `quartz_parser.c` appropriatly lets radio loop in Fallout 3, otherwise looped audio hits an infinite 'blip-blip-blip' and radio songs ending will similarly skip a few times.

  v3: winegstreamer: reintroduce flushing for wg_parser

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