[PATCH v2 0/12] MR160: secur32: Add wow64 support.

Nikolay Sivov (@nsivov) wine at gitlab.winehq.org
Thu Jun 2 06:45:40 CDT 2022

This seems to work for me on Linux.

  v2: secur32: Add wow64 support to the unixlib.
      secur32: Store certificate credentials object pointer as 64-bit.
      secur32: Use 32-bit sizes in parameters structures.
      secur32: Remove unused pointer parameter from send request.
      secur32: Remove duplicate check.
      secur32: Get rid of buffer iteration callback in unixlib.
      secur32: Prepare schan_send() buffers on PE side.
      secur32: Update output buffer offset on return from schan_send() call.
      secur32: Simplify input buffer handling for schan_recv() call.
      secur32: Pass single input and output buffers for handshake call.
      secur32: Manage gnutls transport data in unixlib.
      secur32: Remove unused argument from buffer iteration helpers.

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