[PATCH vkd3d v3 4/7] vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Lower matrix casts.

Giovanni Mascellani gmascellani at codeweavers.com
Fri Jun 3 02:08:59 CDT 2022


Il 03/06/22 07:03, Zebediah Figura ha scritto:
> With this patch we're able to successfully generate IR for the tests 
> added in patch 1. Unfortunately, the IR is not quite valid. It generates 
> SM4_RT_OUTPUT registers that are not actually declared (neither in the 
> output signature nor with dcl_output instructions). This seems to 
> confuse the DXBC->SPIRV translator, generating the following message and 
> producing SPIR-V that does not consistently pass or fail tests:
> fixme:vkd3d_dxbc_compiler_get_register_info: Unrecognized register 
> (register 0x8, 4294967295).

Yes, I am aware of this problem, but it's a different bug that is merely 
exposed by the fact that now code generation for the affected tests is 
not blocked by a matrix cast. I have a couple of patches that should fix 
the problem, but I am not completely sure they are correct and given 
that freeze is imminent I would like to have the matrix patches in 
before that.

If what bothers you is that the test is flaky, then would it be ok for 
you if I just commented it until the register declaration logic is fixed?


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