[PATCH 0/1] MR229: comctl32: Always paint SS_BITMAP static control background with WM_CTLCOLORSTATIC brush.

Zhiyi Zhang (@zhiyi) wine at gitlab.winehq.org
Mon Jun 13 22:14:11 CDT 2022

Zhiyi Zhang (@zhiyi) commented about dlls/comctl32/static.c:
>  {
>      HDC hMemDC;
>      HBITMAP hBitmap, oldbitmap;
> +    RECT rcClient;
> +
> +    GetClientRect(hwnd, &rcClient);
> +    FillRect( hdc, &rcClient, hbrush );
Inconsistent style. I know the code in STATIC_PaintBitmapfn() uses both styles and it's a mess. But please keep the new code in a consistent style. In this case, either both functions use spaces or both don't. Otherwise, the MR looks good to me.


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