[PATCH 1/5] mfplat/buffer: Fix size for IMC2/IMC4 buffers with odd height.

Giovanni Mascellani gmascellani at codeweavers.com
Tue Jun 14 04:10:20 CDT 2022


Il 13/06/22 18:27, Nikolay Sivov ha scritto:
> Do we have all interesting tests cases for MFGetPlaneSize duplicated in 
> other tests, to remove this one? Also if it needs to be removed 
> multiplier field becomes unused.

I think test_MFGetPlaneSize() does a more thorough testing. But maybe 
even better would be to merge the two test datasets. All these tests are 
quite quick and shouldn't add too much load. I'll submit another patch set.

You're right the unused multiplier.

Thanks, Giovanni.

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