HLSL offsetting

Giovanni Mascellani gmascellani at codeweavers.com
Tue Jun 14 09:49:43 CDT 2022


I finally managed to read through your messages, and it seems that we 
have a sort of agreement for trying with structured dereferences, which 
I agree with too.

Il 10/06/22 23:13, Zebediah Figura ha scritto:
>> On the other hand, the version of (b) I imagine changes hlsl_deref to:
>> ---
>> struct hlsl_deref
>> {
>>      struct hlsl_ir_var *var;
>>      unsigned int route_len;
>>      struct hlsl_src *route;
>> };
>> ---
>> Where route is intended to be a variable size array of component offsets. 
> I was envisioning something more explicit, but this is simpler, so my 
> guess is that this is what we want.

I can live with Francisco's proposal, but my preference would be for 
something like:

enum hlsl_selector_type

struct hlsl_selector
     enum hlsl_selector_type type;
         hlsl_src *subscript;
         unsigned int field;

struct hlsl_deref
     struct hlsl_ir_var *var;
     unsigned int path_len;
     struct hlsl_selector *path;

This way field indices are kept as actual numbers, not other nodes that 
have to resolve to a constant uint value. In general I like data types 
to constrain as much as possible to the valid values that you can store 
in them (and I don't think there is any way in HLSL to make a dynamic 
reference to a field of a structure, like it is possible in C++).


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