[PATCH 0/1] MR245: iphlpapi: Return ERROR_NO_DATA from GetIpNetTable() if no entries are found.

Paul Gofman (@gofman) wine at gitlab.winehq.org
Tue Jun 14 14:12:03 CDT 2022

Fixes SCP: Secret Laboratory crash on launch after recent game update.

Windows normally returns some entries even if there is no active network connection. I however was able to test no data case on the up to date Windows 10 by disabling all the network adapters and clearing arp cache with 'arp -d *'. So GetIpNetTable() returns ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER when called without buffer (first time in test) with some excessive buffer size. But then when called with the buffer it returns ERROR_NO_DATA and sets number of entries in the table to 0.


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