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On 13-06-22 11:59, Francisco Casas wrote:
> Okay, I stopped working on multiple register offsets and now I am 
> working on this approach.
> I still think that adding a pass to translate these "route"s to the 
> original register "offset"s, so that we can implement this change 
> gradually, is good. We can move the pass forward as we change more 
> passes to work with component offsets. And we can debug more easily the 
> things that we don't translate correctly.
> I am aiming to implement the new approach until right after 
> split_matrix_copies, and put the translation afterwards. So far it seems 
> to be going nicely.

I attach a patch that achieves this, in case there are any opinions.

The "paths"[1] of component indexes seem like the best way to solve the 
problem after all. I think that keeping them as an arrays of nodes in 
the hlsl_deref allows to write more uniform code than using a more 
complex data structure, as Giovanni mentioned.

IMO, I think this patch manages matrices nicely too, but there is the 
problem that it is based on top of
bb49bdba gmascellani vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Allow majority modifiers on 
function declarations.
which is a little behind of master.

So I still have to rebase it on top of current master, and in particular 
on top of the recent patches pertaining matrices. So I will probably 
have to make some design decisions while solving the conflicts.

I guess that the main objective is that we don't want to deal with 
matrices at all after splitting matrix copies.

Best regards,


[1] I hope that this is a better name than "route".
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