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Wed Jun 15 03:57:17 CDT 2022

Giovanni Mascellani <gmascellani at> writes:

> Hi,
> Il 14/06/22 22:01, Alexandre Julliard ha scritto:
>> Signed-off-by is convenient because the git tools have direct support
>> for it, but the real motivation for us was to keep track of who
>> submitted the patch, to support sending a patch written by someone else.
>> In that case the convention with email is to set From: to the original
>> author, but the committer info is lost, hence the Signed-off-by.
>> With merge requests, the information of who submitted the merge
>> request
>> is preserved independently of the commit contents, so the easiest option
>> is to simply get rid of signoffs completely.
> If that was the only intended meaning of the SOBs, then yes, I would
> say than now we have a better options and we could get rid of them.
> Right now the SOBs also help keeping a trace of who had a look at the
> patch and said it was good, which might be an interesting information
> to keep tracking. My point is that we shouldn't be using SOB for that, 
> because its standard meaning is another one.

With Gitlab, this is already replaced by approvals. They are stored in
the merge request, and in the "Approved-by" field in the git notes.

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