Gitlab transition roadmap

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Wed Jun 15 07:08:23 CDT 2022


Here's my current roadmap for the transition to Gitlab. Feedback and
help are welcome. In particular, it would be nice if people would
volunteer to update the documentation, I'm no good at that.

- Make the canonical git repository, setup mirroring

- Refine behavior of mailing list gateway, possibly send output to
  separate list.

- Update Wiki documentation (SubmittingPatches etc.), define signoff
  policy, document the new workflow.

- Implement bot to automatically assign reviewers based on the

- Make testbot work directly from MRs instead of mailing list
  patches. Integrate test reports with Gitlab CI.

- Import Gitlab sources and build our own version, to enable making
  changes to the code.

- Work with respective maintainers to plan if/when/how to move other
  Wine projects to Gitlab:
  - tools (done)
  - website (done)
  - wine-gecko (done)
  - wine-mono
  - wine-staging
  - vkd3d
  - appdb
  - bugzilla
  - fontforge

- Require MRs for all patches, retire the
  tracker (direct links to old patches must of course be preserved).

- Retire the gitweb browser, redirect to Gitlab.

- Investigate moving the Wiki to Gitlab.

- Investigate switching to the Gitlab bug tracker.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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