Gitlab transition roadmap

Esme Povirk (she/they) esme at
Wed Jun 15 11:31:12 CDT 2022

On Wed, Jun 15, 2022 at 7:08 AM Alexandre Julliard <julliard at> wrote:
>   - wine-mono

I've been thinking about this and my primary requirement is CI. I want
a test run for MRs and pushes to the develop branch, at least on
Linux, ideally on Windows too.

I'd probably convert my github repos to mirrors of winehq once we're
ported over, and I'd use my own personal repos on winehq gitlab for
WIP stuff and my own MRs. I'd still want CI on the github mirror as an
extra check and to make sure macOS continues to work. I would probably
continue to accept github PRs.

There are also a lot of submodules that need to be ported over. Some
of them point to upstreams, should we mirror those on winehq just in

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