Test system for the Widl compiler

Zebediah Figura zfigura at codeweavers.com
Wed Jun 15 13:40:20 CDT 2022

On 6/15/22 13:24, Bernhard Kölbl wrote:
>> We already have tests for typelibs and marshalling, in oleaut32:typelib
>> and oleaut32:tmarshal respectively. I see no reason that's not
>> sufficient already.
>> As far as headers are concerned, we could probably take a similar
>> approach in some ways. I don't know what exactly needs testing, but we
>> could do things like
>> ok(offsetof(mystruct.field) == 16,
>>           "wrong offset %u\n", offsetof(mystruct.field));
>> or (for a compile-time assertion)
>> extern void test(ITestInterface *obj)
>> {
>>       HRESULT (*myfunc)(type1 arg1, type2 *arg2, ...);
>>       myfunc = obj->lpVtbl->myfunc;
>> }
> This  won't work for some WinRT features like namespaces and some attributes.

What needs testing there? Is there anything to do aside from validating 
that a given IDL compiles? That too doesn't seem like it'd require any 
extra test infrastructure.

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