Gitlab experiment wrapup

Gabriel Ivăncescu gabrielopcode at
Thu Jun 16 13:08:30 CDT 2022

On 16/06/2022 20:13, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Alex Henrie <alexhenrie24 at> writes:
>> On Thu, Jun 16, 2022 at 10:04 AM Gabriel Ivăncescu
>> <gabrielopcode at> wrote:
>>> There's one other (pretty big, for me) problem I can't seem to find how
>>> to replicate with MRs compared to sending patches: how do I add notes
>>> for each commit that shouldn't actually be committed? For patches I used
>>> to add below the --- line, and these are super useful when you just want
>>> to tell the information to the reviewer, which wouldn't make much sense
>>> to have in the codebase itself.
>>> These seem to get lost when I push. I have to admit `git notes` seems
>>> pretty convoluted to me and I've no idea how it gets "stored" especially
>>> for merge requests. Patches were much easier to comprehend.
>>> I mean, I guess I can add it to the MR description but that's not
>>> pointing out to a specific commit/patch... sigh.
>> In a GitLab merge request, I can click on a specific commit to see its
>> diff, then click on the commit hash again, and GitLab gives me a box
>> to leave a comment either about a specific line of the commit or about
>> the commit as a whole. Would that work for you?
> Unfortunately comments tied to a specific commit are no longer visible
> when the branch is rebased, for instance when a reviewer pushes fixups.
> There's a issue filed with Gitlab about that, but until this is fixed
> it's better to avoid commit-specific comments.

I might go with a normal comment (after a MR is created or after a force 
push for e.g. v2), with something like:

**Notes for `ntdll: Foobar`**

Notes go here.
Multiple lines.

**Notes for `server: Barfoo`**

v2: blah.

and so on. Which can also be scripted (and easily taken from own git 
notes). For example with something like:

git log --reverse --pretty='format:**Notes for `%s`**%n%n%N%n%n' 

Maybe we can standardize on a common method to encourage and put in the 
wiki? Well, or maybe it's just me.

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