HLSL compiler change log

Giovanni Mascellani gmascellani at codeweavers.com
Tue Jun 21 03:49:33 CDT 2022


I tried to put together a quick change log for the HLSL compiler since 
vkd3d 1.3. I concentrated on user-visible changes (so mostly ignoring 
tests and internal refactoring), a possible side effect of which is that 
my contributions are somehow more evident. I don't mean to belittle the 
work of who did more plumbing job.

* Support integer arithmetic, bitwise and shift operations.

* Fold constant operations for a number of operators.

* Support matrix and vector subscripting.

* Support matrix copying, casting, entry-wise operations and 
row-by-column multiplication.

* Support complex initializers.

* Support the "nointerpolation" modifier, and assume it for integer 

* Perform copy propagation even when the code has branches and/or loops.

Francisco, are there relevant cases of complex initializers that are 
still unsupported in master? Anything else I skipped?

Thanks, Giovanni.

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