[PATCH v3] ntdll: Add RtlGetDeviceFamilyInfoEnum and RtlConvertDeviceFamilyInfoToString

Marvin testbot at winehq.org
Thu Jun 23 19:43:14 CDT 2022


It looks like your patch introduced the new failures shown below.
Please investigate and fix them before resubmitting your patch.
If they are not new, fixing them anyway would help a lot. Otherwise
please ask for the known failures list to be updated.

The tests also ran into some preexisting test failures. If you know how
to fix them that would be helpful. See the TestBot job for the details:

The full results can be found at:

Your paranoid android.

=== w1064v1507 (32 bit report) ===

threadpool.c:273: Test failed: expected info.userdata = 0x10000, got 0
threadpool.c:278: Test failed: RtlDeregisterWait failed with status 103

=== w10pro64 (testbot log) ===

WineRunTask.pl:error: The previous 1 run(s) terminated abnormally

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