Mailing list spam - the many dnsapi patches that were mailed out

Jeremy White jwhite at
Thu Jun 23 22:32:34 CDT 2022

So Zeb's evil plan to break my mailing list script worked!

The moderately fragile bit that parses the patches relies on a regex 
matching '^From '.  She included a comment in her code referencing 
another patch; a 'From <sha> here'.

That caused it to crash after sending 3 out of 4 emails, and before it 
marked that MR as done.  So every time it woke up, it thought it needed 
to send that MR, would send 3, and then crash.

I have, in theory, mitigated that with this change:

Sorry for the over flowing mailbox.  Hopefully this patch set will get a 
*very* thorough review :-).



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