[PATCH 0/5] MR322: winex11.drv: Preparation for nulldrv display modes.

Rémi Bernon (@rbernon) wine at gitlab.winehq.org
Mon Jun 27 08:52:10 CDT 2022

On Mon Jun 27 13:40:29 2022 +0000, Zhiyi Zhang wrote:
> I don't think removing these are harmless. They're there for a reason.
> For example, max_width and max_height refer to the physical monitor
> resolution. screen_width and screen_height refer to the user-emulated
> resolution. If I need to emulate a 2000x1000(in winecfg) on a
> 4000x2000(physical) monitor, removing these lines will not allow these
> modes to be used and only the modes listed in screen_sizes can be emulated.
I guess we can easily keep max_width / max_height, and add a more for that, the main problem I wanted to workaround was the `NtUserGetPrimaryMonitorRect` call, which involves initializing display devices.

Though it seems to me that calling `NtUserGetPrimaryMonitorRect` returns the current monitor size, which is initialized to whatever is configured in winecfg, but may change if the modes is changed? Shouldn't we always report a mode with the winecfg resolution instead?


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