[PATCH v2 0/2] MR325: pulse/alsa: Set device path for all devices

Arek Hiler (@ivyl) wine at gitlab.winehq.org
Tue Jun 28 08:53:43 CDT 2022

Required by Cyberpunk 2077 for 4.0 audio setups (`PKEY_AudioEndpoint_PhysicalSpeakers` is `SPEAKER_FRONT_LEFT | SPEAKER_FRONT_RIGHT | SPEAKER_BACK_LEFT | SPEAKER_BACK_RIGHT`) as it then dereferences the device path property (`{b3f8fa53-0004-438e-9003-51a46e139bfc},2`) without checking if is is non-NULL.

The patches use `{1}.ROOT\MEDIA\%04u` which is used on Windows for virtual audio devices (e.g. the ones created Voicemeeter Banana).

  v2: winealsa.drv: Set device path for all devices.
      winepulse.drv: Set device path for all devices.

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