[PATCH v2 0/2] MR89: Use +threadname channel for thread names.

Brendan Shanks (@bshanks) wine at gitlab.winehq.org
Wed Jun 29 11:30:12 CDT 2022

On Wed Jun 29 16:24:20 2022 +0000, Brendan Shanks wrote:
> changed this line in [version 2 of the diff](/wine/wine/-/merge_requests/89/diffs?diff_id=3653&start_sha=6cbfc2d8a1043bd2b7acea3ef8afd6e58afd32d0#4fedec6e09794eef4b0f628a9663c00d63528441_427_423)
Good point, it now prints the ID rather than handle if possible. I also moved the prints from kernel base to ntdll.


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