[PATCH] do not suppress the newline at the end of a message

lawson_whitney at juno.com lawson_whitney at juno.com
Sat Apr 21 23:51:04 CDT 2001

Good day!

This makes the ftp.exe, tracert.exe and ping.exe's (osr1, win98, and
win98se) from an AOL coaster produce console output I think is less
ugly.  Why would anybody use these?  Well, they were just windows
console apps I had lying around.  Looks to me as if when the default
crlf at the end of the format is not wanted, the string has %0 before to
stop the parsing.

Anybody know something it breaks?

	* dlls/kernel/format_msg.c
	Lawson Whitney <lawson_whitney at juno.com>
	Do not suppress the default crlf that ends a message format.

---cut here
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diff -ur was/dlls/kernel/format_msg.c is/dlls/kernel/format_msg.c
--- was/dlls/kernel/format_msg.c	Sat Feb 17 19:28:16 2001
+++ is/dlls/kernel/format_msg.c	Sat Apr 21 23:12:02 2001
@@ -308,9 +308,14 @@
 			    if (ch == '\r')
+				/* I think this next bit is just wrong.
+				 * IMLE if the trailing \r\n is not wanted,
+				 * there is a " %0" before to skip it.
 				if (*f == '\n')
 				ADD_TO_T(' ');
+				 *
+				 * <lawson_whitney at juno.com> 21 April 2001 */
 			    if (ch == '\n')

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