Minor fix to Treeview.

Guy L. Albertelli galberte at neo.lrun.com
Sun Aug 12 18:13:10 CDT 2001

In working on IE4 and the "Favorites" frame, since the Treeview was a child
of a Pager, it needs to
respond to the PGN_CHILDSIZE notify message.

Still has an error: If the item text is longer than the area, a horz slider
is created and overlays the last entry, which causes the vertical slider to
be added. I think that the ->treeHeight should include the last item and the
slider. I may be wrong because the native control has neither the horz. or
vert. slider.

 Guy Albertelli  <<galberte at neo.lrun.com>>

    - Add support to respond to the PGN_CALCSIZE version of the WM_NOTIFY
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