[PATCH] Horrid wineoss hack

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at voila.fr
Mon Dec 3 15:08:54 CST 2001

this is not the correct fix. there are several problems in the OSS driver (at least I know 3 of them, but didn't have time to fix them all yet in a proper way)
this is not correct either (it's just a workaround)

> I have found that since a few weeks my Eudora was hanging 
> with current Cvs when I tried to get a new message off the server.
> This occurred exactly when it was trying to play a sound to
> warn about the new message.
> I have found that playing any sound using PlaySound is
> triggering the new problem. On my older computer, the problem
> just does not exist. After investigation, the older computer has a
> true sound card (a sound blaster) while the new has just a Via
> chip on the mother board (via82cxx_audio)
> This is the reason : the Via wineoss driver seems to be buggy,
> when a sound is finished, the available space never goes back
> to the total available. 
> This problem did not happen with versions of audio.c < 1.45,
> where the Wine code has been made to rely on this feature.
> ChangeLog:
> 	* dlls/winmm/wineoss/audio.c
>                Works around a bug in Via wineoss driver

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