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Eric Pouech eric.pouech at voila.fr
Wed Dec 5 06:59:48 CST 2001

I think we should need some kind of configuration for this (to provide a bit more flexibility to end users)
this would means,for example, allow or not automatic UNC operations (for now only binding a UNC name to a mounted SMB share). As in Wine, we don't allow mounting, as a default, all the file hierarchy, it would be interesting to provide the same type of functionnalities (bazed on host names for example... but I fear this would be a bit too complex to do). But as a starter, the option to enable binding should be made available.


> Hello,
> as suggested awhile ago from Dan Kegel on cemw.
> > If Wine handled UNC paths as follows:
> >   Given a UNC path \\foo\bar, 
> >   look at /etc/mtab for a matching smbfs mount.  
> >   If one is found, look at .wine/config for a drive letter mapped to that mount.  
> >   If one is found, convert the UNC path to be relative to that drive letter.
> ChangeLog
> ---------
> 	* files/file.c:
> 	Stefan.Leichter at camLine.com
> 	implemented UNC filenames using samba shares mounted according to
> /etc/mtab

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