implementation of ImageList_*Drag*

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Tue Dec 18 19:54:08 CST 2001


the attached patch (it's my first wine gui patch, that's why wine-devel
is CC'ed) implements the dragging part of the ImageList functions. It
works quite well with FreeSolitaire besides the dragged image isn't
drawn semitransparent. But how do I draw a semitransparent image? IMO
this isn't possible with the BitBlt functions.
The ImageList_*Drag* functions shouldn't produce flickering as per the
MSDN documentation, but ImageList_SetDragCursorImage (at least in Win9x)
produces a short flickering when called. I implemented this function to
match the behavior of the native comctl32.dll, but it would be very easy
to stop the flickering. Should I change it or keep the Win9x behaviour?


    Michael Stefaniuc <mstefani at>
    fixed/implemented the ImageList_*Drag* functions

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