timed-out non-overlapped ReadFile

Mike McCormack mike_mccormack at start.com.au
Thu Dec 20 19:01:36 CST 2001

This patch handles the special case where
ReadIntervalTimeout=MAXDWORD, ReadTotalTimeoutConstant=0 and
ReadTotalTimeoutMultiplier=0 a little better. We should just wait
until we get some data, then read it and return in that case.


* handle ReadIntervalTimeout=MAXDWORD special case a bit better

>That works.  Helps anyway.  The app seemed to take a long time to
>it was finished transferring mail, but this sometimes happens.  It
>downloading a new list of access numbers and I keep restoring the old
>one from a tar.gz because none of the new numbers is local for
>me.  Maybe the new list is archived now from being old and some
>has to hang a tape every time the app wants it.

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