AFM files no longer required

Ian Pilcher ian.pilcher at
Fri May 25 00:15:16 CDT 2001

This patch eliminates the PostScript driver's requirement for separate
AFM files.  The metrics for the 39 core PostScript fonts are now built
in to the driver.  (Does anyone know why there are 39 AFM files in the
'base35' directory on Adobe's FTP server?)

I decided to put all of the data into dlls/wineps/agl.c, since changing
the glyph list data without regenerating the font metrics data would
cause things to break in extremely bizarre ways.  (Well, it will once I
actually use the glyph names.)

Modified files:
    dlls/wineps: psdrv.h afm.c agl.c

Log message:
    Ian Pilcher
    Build AFM data for core PostScript fonts into WINEPS
Ian Pilcher                                         ian.pilcher at
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