Small winemaker tweaks

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Fri May 25 17:08:34 CDT 2001

On 25 May 2001, Alexandre Julliard wrote:

> Francois Gouget <fgouget at> writes:
> >    I noticed that OPTIONS is not used anymore in ''. I
> It's here so that you can specify extra flags that configure doesn't
> know about, by doing OPTIONS=-Dfoo ./configure. This can be useful
> in some cases.

   Aaaah (light bulb switching on) ok.

   Then I also understand better how CC works too. The
generated by Winemaker is inconsistent in that it sets CC and CPP but
not CXX. The nice thing is that you can do "CXX=g++-3.0 make" and it
works. But "CC=gcc-3.0 make" does not work since CC is explicitly set in
   But what I now understand is that you're supposed to do "CC=gcc-3.0
configure;make". I checked and it works. And it actually makes more
sense since configure may need to tweak settings to adapt to this new
compiler (e.g. -fpermissive).

   Ok, so let's keep OPTIONS and add CXX (I know it's pretty generic
autoconf stuff but it could probably find a place in the documentation
somewhere too). Here's an updated patch to replace the previous one.


   François Gouget <fgouget at>

 * tools/winemaker Remove unnecessary AC_PROG_RANLIB check Add missing CXX variable
   Cosmetic changes

Francois Gouget         fgouget at
     The software said it requires Win95 or better, so I installed Linux.

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Index: tools/winemaker
RCS file: /home/wine/wine/tools/winemaker,v
retrieving revision 1.26
diff -u -r1.26 winemaker
--- tools/winemaker	2001/05/07 18:19:57	1.26
+++ tools/winemaker	2001/05/25 21:57:23
@@ -1860,12 +1860,12 @@
   print FILEO "\n\n\n";
   print FILEO "### Generic autoconf targets\n\n";
-  print FILEO "all: ";
+  print FILEO "all:";
   if (@$project[$P_PATH] eq "") {
-    print FILEO "\$(SUBDIRS)";
+    print FILEO " \$(SUBDIRS)";
   if (@{@$project[$P_TARGETS]} > 0) {
-    print FILEO "\$(DLLS) \$(";
+    print FILEO " \$(DLLS) \$(";
   print FILEO "\n\n";
   print FILEO "\@MAKE_RULES\@\n";
@@ -2262,7 +2262,6 @@
 AC_PATH_PROG(LDCONFIG, ldconfig, true, /sbin:/usr/sbin:$PATH)
@@ -2843,8 +2842,6 @@
 # Global rules shared by all makefiles     -*-Makefile-*-
 # Each individual makefile must define the following variables:
-# WINE_INCLUDE_ROOT: Wine's headers location
-# WINE_LIBRARY_ROOT: Wine's libraries location
 # TOPOBJDIR    : top-level object directory
 # SRCDIR       : source directory for this module
@@ -2891,6 +2888,7 @@
 SHELL     = /bin/sh
 CC        = @CC@
 CPP       = @CPP@
+CXX       = @CXX@
 WRC       = @WRC@

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