The big winsock patch

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Wed Nov 14 00:26:29 CST 2001

   I removed the WS_API macros and added a couple of asynchronous
related definitions. The rest is unchanged.

On Sun, 21 Oct 2001, Francois Gouget wrote:

>    This patch fixes the issues listed in bug #118:
>  * winsock.h should not depend on the Unix socket headers. The Unix
> socket headers vary quite a bit and may not match what is expected by
> WineLib applications, especially wrt. cdecl/stdcall.
>  * Because the Unix headers are stored in different files depending on
> the platform, #including them requires making use of config.h which is
> forbidden.
>  * The existing winsock headers were incompatible with the MSVCRT
> headers which made it pretty much impossible to use the MSVCRT headers.
> Other notes:
>  * It also introduces two operating modes, quite like what was done for
> the MSVCRT: if USE_WS_PREFIX is defined then all symbols that may
> conflict with the Unix ones are prefixed with 'WS_'. In that case one
> can include both the winsock headers and the Unix headers. This is used
> in Wine. If USE_WS_PREFIX is not defined, then no symbol is prefixed.
> This is the mode that WineLib users will most likely want.
>  * All that the Unix socket headers used to define is now defined
> directly in winsock.h, with the layout/names that Win32 applications
> expect. I also moved some symbols to their rightful headers, and added
> ws2tcpip.h in the process.
>  * It also adds some missing symbols. I believe winsock.h should be
> complete (or pretty much so). There are still some symbols missing in
> winsock2.h.
>  * There is one case where winsock.h can conflict with the Unix headers.
> This is related to the select symbols (FD_SETSIZE, FD_CLR, ...). The
> problem is that these are not socket related on Unix, and thus defined
> in stdlib.h, while they are considered socket specific on Windows. So if
> you don't use the MSVCRT headers you may get incompatible definitions.
> 'winsock.h' tries hard to make sure this won't be the case but if you
> include stdlib.h before you include winsock.h, then winsock.h will
> 'invalidate' all the FD_XXX symbols so that you don't use them by
> mistake.
>  * I also added a WINE_NOWINSOCK macro that WineLib users can define if
> they do not want windows.h to include the winsock2.h header.
>  * THe new winsock headers are now compatible with both the standard
> Unix headers (with the exception noted above), and with the MSVCRt
> headers.
> Changelog:
>  * dlls/winsock/,
>    dlls/winsock/async.c,
>    dlls/winsock/socket.c,
>    dlls/winsock/winsock.spec,
>    dlls/winsock/ws2_32.spec,
>    dlls/wsock32/protocol.c,
>    dlls/wsock32/socket.c,
>    dlls/wsock32/wsock32.spec,
>    include/windows.h,
>    include/winsock.h,
>    include/winsock2.h,
>    include/wsipx.h,
>    include/wine/winsock16.h,
>    server/sock.c,
>    include/ws2tcpip.h
>    Make winsock.h and winsock2.h independent from the Unix headers
>    Make them compatible with both the Unix C headers and the MSVCRT
> headers
>    Ensure compatibility with the Unix headers via the USE_WS_PREFIX macro
>    Add WINE_NOWINSOCK: prevents winsock.h from being included
> from windows.h when defined
>    Add ws2tcpip.h, move definitions to the right header

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