LibaudioIO Patch for Solaris

eric pouech eric.pouech at
Tue Nov 20 12:18:57 CST 2001

Robert Lunnon wrote:
> Attached find files for libaudioio patch for audio on solaris 7
> winmm.diff - Only the makefile patch is significant wavemap, just contains
> some extra debugging traces
> libaudioio.tar, libaudioio goes under winmm
> base.diff, Patches to and to better support Solaris
> and Libaudioio
> added HAVE_SOLARIS and HAVE_LIBAUDIOIO and added a way for force
> a 32 bit mmap.

a few comments :
- why do you add the libaudioio lib to winmm ? it should only be linked
  the libaudioio (or whatever) driver... winmm should be independant of
- in the libaudioio subdir:
	+ you shouldn't use C++ comment. wine is a C project
	+ it would a good idea to remove any reference to OSS in libaudioio...
	+ I don't think that libaudioio supports midi... so, the preferred
	  way to handle this would be to create a driver which doesn't
	  export the midMessage and modMessage, and to get rid of midi.c
	  and midipatch.c (same for mixMessage/mixer.c and auxMessage/aux.c)
	  (it seems midi.c and mixer.c are protected by non existent
	+ so the driver should only be made of the wave.c part and oss.c 
	  (which should be renamed to IMO)
	+ anyway, I think that the libaudioio subdir should be named 
	  against the name of the DLL, which is audioio (eventually, since
	  it's a wine only DLL, and to prevent DLL name collisions, I'd call
	  it wineaudioio(.drv)
- I don't see any reasons to define HAVE_SOLARIS... this is a wrong
  for system dependancies anyway

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