mmsystem should be loaded at startup

eric pouech eric.pouech at
Sat Nov 24 14:10:33 CST 2001

Joshua Thielen wrote:
> Note: I'm not sure if I should have called ExitProcess if mmsystem.dll
> can't be loaded 
not needed, if it couldn't be loaded, then no need to free it

> and if I needed to call FreeLibrary. I just took the
> LoadLibrary("user32") as an example.
well, error reporting for 16 bit DLL is a bit different (see below)

> +    if(!(mmsystem = LoadLibrary16("mmsystem.dll")))
the correct test should be
> +    if((mmsystem = LoadLibrary16("mmsystem.dll")) < 32)
(the other values (< 32) are the error codes)

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