winmm test extension

Dan Kegel dank at
Mon Dec 16 13:35:40 CST 2002

Francois Gouget wrote:
> This test extends the winmm test and makes it possible to play actual 
> sound. Of course the test will not do that unless you specifically ask 
> for it:
>  * I doubt anyone would be happy to do 'make test' in Wine's main 
> directory and to get annoying long beeps comming out of their computer
>  * tests are usually run unattended and there is not much point playing 
> the sounds if no-one listens to them to make sure they got played 
> correctly.
> So what does it do?
> For each supported format it plays the international 'LA', i.e. a 440Hz 
> sinusoid. It is expected that on some sound cards and for some formats 
> the signal will have to be converted from 8 to 16 bit or from mono to 
> stereo, or even resampled. Normally this should not affect the sound 
> being played so you should keep hearing the same tone. If that's not the 
> case then something went wrong during th

I may have a counterexample.  The patch I submitted recently was
to fix a hang in playing sound.  So if you add a timeout to
your test, it would at least verify that sounds played in
the proper amount of time, and didn't hang wine.

- Dan

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