mt locks, fix _sopen for msvcrt

Peter Hunnisett peter at
Wed Feb 20 13:10:06 CST 2002

  this patch adds the _lock and _unlock functions to msvcrt. Additionally it
fixes flag handling for _sopen and some vararg stuff in msvcrt.


	* dlls/msvcrt/, dlls/msvcrt/console.c, dlls/msvcrt/exit.c,
dlls/msvcrt/file.c, dlls/msvcrt/heap.c, dlls/msvcrt/locale.c,
dlls/msvcrt/main.c, dlls/msvcrt/msvcrt.h, dlls/msvcrt/msvcrt.spec,
[new]dlls/msvcrt/lock.c, include/, [new]include/msvcrt/mtdll.h
	Peter Hunnisett <peter at>
	Add _lock,_unlock and header file for them.
	Convert all msvcrt locks over to use _lock and _unlock
	Explictly make msvcrt compile with multithreaded option
	Fix flag handling in _sopen. Add W->A call for new _swopen

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