UUID fixes

Mark G. Adams mgadams at sympatico.ca
Sat Jan 5 15:18:13 CST 2002

This patch fixes two problems with current UUID support, and adds a new 
function from Windows 2000.

1) UuidCreate() determines the machine's ethernet hardware (MAC) address, and 
saves it in an array. It then sets a static local variable stating that the 
address has been found. However, since the array wasn't also declared static, 
it contained garbage on all subsequent calls. Thus, the final part of the 
UUID (which some programs use to get HW ID) was changing every call while it 
should be constant. That array's now static.

2) UuidToStringA() was adding {}'s around the UUID. That does not match its 
behaviour on Windows, and confuses programs which try to parse it. The braces 
have been removed.

3) Windows 2000 added a new function called UuidCreateSequential(), which 
behaves exactly like UuidCreate() on earlier OS's. This is because on Windows 
2000 (and later?), UuidCreate() is no longer supposed to use the MAC address. 
Since ours does, UuidCreateSequential() just calls UuidCreate().


* dlls/rpcrt4/rpcrt4.spec, dlls/rpcrt4/rpcrt4_main.c:
	Mark G. Adams <mgadams at sympatico.ca>
	Fix UuidCreate() to not forget MAC address.
	Remove {}'s from UuidToStringA() output.
	Add UuidCreateSequential() function from Windows 2000.
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