Patch: IPX Fix

Michael C. Maggio voyager at
Tue Jan 15 00:11:35 CST 2002

This patch fixes two problems with socket.c.

The SUPPORTED_PF() macro checks that the address family of the windows
socket name is one of Wine's supported protocols.  However, it incorrectly
compares the winsock address family against AF_INET and AF_IPX, the UNIX
#defines for these protocols.  This patch allows socket.c to correctly
compare the windows address family against WS_AF_INET and WS_AF_IPX.

The second fix is with ws_sockaddr_u2ws() which was incorrectly returning
AF_IPX as a winsock address family.  This patch lets ws_sockaddr_u2ws
correctly converts UNIX's AF_IPX address family to Winsock's WS_AF_IPX.

Both these updates allowed me to (finally) play IPX starcraft.  :)

ChangeLog: code used AF_IPX in some places where it should have used

        =Michael C. Maggio
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