Fix: [Bug 580] - Vertical ScrollBar disappearing on Open common dialogbox

Guy L. Albertelli galberte at
Mon Jul 8 22:25:29 CDT 2002

This should fix all the scrollbar issues that are visible in the file open
dialog and the ControlSpy Listview test program. There is still a problem
with LVS_REPORT and correctly drawing the subitem text.

License: X11

Guy Albertelli  <<galberte at>>

   - Improve traces.
   - Changed default column width to 128 to match native
     and make that the mimimum for LVS_SMALLICON and
     LVS_LIST styles.
   - Corrected max value for LVS_LIST style scroll info.
   - Issue our own ShowScrollBar like the native with proper test.
   - Correct alignment when using LVS_ICON style.
   - Correct FIXMEs for unimplemented styles.
   - Correct rect size computation for LVS_LIST.
   - Reset scroll bars when changing styles.
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