PATCH: a bit further with a cygwin build

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Tue Jul 30 13:50:23 CDT 2002

--- Rafael Kitover <caelum at> wrote:
> This patch (sanity check please) fixes some portability issues when 
> trying to build wine on cygwin. This by no means implies that wine 
> builds on cygwin now, but this should get us a bit closer. Issues that 
> would need to be taken care of are proper support in 
> dlls/ntdll/signal_i386.c, accessor methods for wine_ldt_copy and such at 
> least for win32, otherwise dllwrap complains about --enable-auto-import 
> failing when trying to link ntdll.dll, a workaround for lack of the 
> FIONREAD ioctl, and probably a million other things... Still, it's 
> pretty cool that so much stuff compiles cleanly :)

Nice. You want to take the port over in bugzilla? I've been doing minor work here and there and
mingw/cygwin but have been focused more on mingw+msys. 

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