Wine and locales

Filip Navara xnavara at
Mon Jul 29 17:52:03 CDT 2002

Shachar Shemesh wrote:

> Actually, how the different locales affect string comparisons is easy. 
> I'm not an expert, but think of it like that. In a locale that is 
> "plain", the various signs above vowels (such as "å" ) are past the 
> end of the ASCII table. In a French locale, on the other hand, they 
> would be right next to "a". Depending on your locale, therefor, 
> lstrcmpA(" å", "z") will return either positive or negative.

Well, I get the theory, but my mind just doesn't like thinking about it. 
;-) Thanks for explaining.

> What I don't get is - how can depending on the thread/user locale ever 
> fail?

Maybe I haven't expressed myself clearly. What I mean is that it does 
the comparsion of the strings first with the thread locale and if that 
returns negative result (string s not equal)  then it tries to compare 
the strings again using the system locale.


> Only if you have the order off the top of your head, and it is NOT the 
> one outlined in "find_entry" (dlls/ntdll/resource.c). I.e. - if you 
> think the one in find_entry is ok, don't waste your time on writing 
> test cases.

I think "find_entry" is almost correct. Only honouring the the default 
UI lanaguage is missing (as introduced in W2K). I think it belongs 
between step 3. and 4. and that the user default UI language 
(GetUserDefaultUILanguage) is tried first and system default UI language 
(GetSystemDefaultUILanguage) just after that.


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