__stdcall not defined in rpcproxy.h

Gregg Mattinson gm138242 at scot.canada.sun.com
Wed Jun 12 15:40:35 CDT 2002

Andreas Mohr - Thanks for the encouragement.  I'll be submitting patches aslong 
as Sun keeps me on this project.

Everyone - Keep up the great work.  Wine is looking GREAT.  Much better than 
what I remember it being like 2 years ago.

Can anyone tell me how to test alloc_thunk in programs/winetest/wine.xs?  I 
attempted to re-implement this thunk for sparc, but since I don't know how to 
test it, I don't want to submit the patch yet.

 - Moved all #includes to the top in rpcproxy.h so that __stdcall is defined for 
the declaration of IIDLookupRtn

Gregg Mattinson
Co-op Developer
Sun Microsystems of Canada

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*** wine-20020605/include/rpcproxy.h       Wed Jun 12 16:29:23 2002
--- wine/include/rpcproxy.h  Wed Jun 12 16:30:24 2002
*** 21,26 ****
--- 21,28 ----
  #include "basetsd.h"
  #include "guiddef.h"
+ #include "rpc.h"
+ #include "rpcndr.h"
  typedef struct tagCInterfaceStubVtbl *PCInterfaceStubVtblList;
  typedef struct tagCInterfaceProxyVtbl *PCInterfaceProxyVtblList;
*** 45,53 ****
--- 47,52 ----
  typedef ProxyFileInfo ExtendedProxyFileInfo;
- #include "rpc.h"
- #include "rpcndr.h"
  typedef struct tagCInterfaceProxyHeader

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