oleaut32 fixes

Ann and Jason Edmeades us at the-edmeades.demon.co.uk
Wed Jun 19 17:49:20 CDT 2002

Hi, Heres the latest set of my oleaut32 fixes which enable me to get my
first panel up and input working with wine's oleaut32!

Sorry its a lot of fixes put together but (a) my earlier fix hasnt been
applied yet, and (b) it depends on Marcus' patch which also hasnt been
applied. If there are any problems I can try to break it down inbto distinct
fixes and submit them one by one.

(Note patch also includes an early version of Marcus' fix to which are all
the changes in routine ITypeInfo_fnInvoke, typelib.c - I wasnt sure I could
just edit it out of the cvs patch as I am not too familiar with the patching

(Includes previous patch:)
- VarAnd, VarCmp (Strings only), VarNot implemented
- VarParseNumFromStr/VarNumFromParseNum handle negative currency numbers

(And new in this one:)
- More VarCmp support (Decimals and Dates)
- Date support for VB time only (0.0->1.0), corrected some date rounding and
    calculation errors around variant dates and the system time.
- Variant date support now round trips! (Date->Variant->Date) due to misuse
to tm_mon (0..11 not 1..12)
- Better pre-1899 support for dates in the SYSTEMTIME format
- VarBstrFromCy, VarCyFromStr implemented
- VarFormat partial implementation (currency and date support).
- VarFormatFromTokens, VarTokenizeFormatString partial implementation as per
w2k (dates only so far)
- Better debugging when dumping variants, and some additional trace points
to help debugging
- Fix to VarBstrCmp to handle null and empty string the same (as per w2k,
different to msdn)
- Fix return from VarDateFromUdate
- Correct definition of CY structure

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