Toolbar enhancements

Guy L. Albertelli galberte at
Sun Mar 3 21:36:13 CST 2002

Based on wine-devel conversation and further testing (thanks Dmitry and
Jeremy), here is an enhancement to toolbar to handle the undocumented
message 0x0463. It also corrects my previous fix to toolbar. This fix
depends on the previously submitted Commctrl.h fix.

With these fixes, IE5.5 now is able to correctly display the "Favorites"
dropdown menu. It does not fix the "Favorites" panel display. That appears
to be a completely different set of problems (mainly rebar and treeview).

Guy Albertelli  <<galberte at>>

    - Add scaffolding for TB_{GET|SET}PADDING.
    - Replace wrong test for CCS_VERT with correct test
      for undocumented TBSTYLE_EX_ style 0x04.
    - Add support for undocumented TB_SETBUTTONSIZE where
      the size is zero, sets to default value.
    - Issue FIXMEs for unsupported extended styles.
    - Implement first try at undocumented toolbar message
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