Patch to keyboard.c.

Daniel C. Sobral daniel.sobral at
Wed Mar 13 11:55:42 CST 2002

For some weird reason, the ABNT-2 layout is simply not an ABNT-2 layout. 
I provide the diff attached, though it still has a problem. The last key 
in the layout just does not get recognized (structure size, I'm 
guessing), so the "\|" key always returns as an error.

Since we do have a few different layouts, it's better to keep the one 
that presently claims to be the ABNT-2 too.

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@@ -391,10 +377,11 @@
 /*** Brazilian ABNT-2 keyboard layout (contributed by Raul Gomes Fernandes) */
 static const char main_key_PT_br[MAIN_LEN][4] =
- "'\"","1!","2@","3#","4$","5%","6\"","7&","8*","9(","0)","-_","=+",
- "qQ","wW","eE","rR","tT","yY","uU","iI","oO","pP","'`","[{",
+ "'\"","1!","2@","3#","4$","5%","6<A8>","7&","8*","9(","0)","-_","=+",
+ "qQ","wW","eE","rR","tT","yY","uU","iI","oO","pP","<B4>`","[{",
- "zZ","xX","cC","vV","bB","nN","mM",",<",".>","/?"
+ "zZ","xX","cC","vV","bB","nN","mM",",<",".>",";:","/?",
+ "\\|"
 /*** US international keyboard layout (contributed by Gustavo Noronha (kov at debi */

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