Correction to earlier f8 command retrieval patch

Ann and Jason Edmeades us at
Wed May 1 12:43:01 CDT 2002

As Eric pointed out, I had accidentally left in a line I had put in my
previous patch while working on the F8 command retrieval code (I used DEL to
test with as I knew capturing that key worked and I was having problems with
the f8 at the time). Unfortunately the code got into cvs before I could
correct it!

- Correct behaviour of DEL key back to deleting the current character

Index: editline.c
RCS file: /home/wine/wine/win32/editline.c,v
retrieving revision 1.7
diff -u -r1.7 editline.c
--- editline.c	30 Apr 2002 21:17:34 -0000	1.7
+++ editline.c	1 May 2002 17:42:07 -0000
@@ -664,7 +664,7 @@
     {/*VK_END*/  0x23,	WCEL_MoveToEnd 		},
     {/*VK_UP*/   0x26, 	WCEL_MoveToPrevHist 	},
     {/*VK_DOWN*/ 0x28,	WCEL_MoveToNextHist	},
-    {/*VK_DEL*/  0x2e,	WCEL_FindPrevInHist /*L_DeleteCurrChar*/	},
+    {/*VK_DEL*/  0x2e,	WCEL_DeleteCurrChar	},
     {	0,		NULL 			}

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