tools/wineinstall - Tell users where to report bugs

Dustin Navea speeddymon at
Wed May 1 16:33:06 CDT 2002

Changed instructions in tools/wineinstall on where to
report bugs, to

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Name: wineinstall_bug-report-patch
ChangeLog: Tell users to report bugs to a different location
ModifiedFiles: tools/wineinstall
Forks: LGPL, ReWind, TransGaming, CodeWeavers, oh alright, Lindows too :-P
--- wineinstall	Wed May  1 08:46:48 2002
+++	Wed May  1 08:48:52 2002
@@ -337,7 +337,8 @@
       echo "Either you entered an incorrect password or we failed to run"
       echo "'$sucommand' correctly."
       echo "If you didn't enter an incorrect password then please report this"
-      echo "error to wine-devel at"
+      echo "error and any steps to possibly reproduce it to"
+      echo ""
       echo "Installation failed, aborting."
       exit 1

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