dibsection should always be in appmod after creation.

David Hammerton david at transgaming.com
Fri May 3 15:53:04 CDT 2002

	- in initial dibsection creation (x11drv), the dibsection should always
be in appmod because the app memory is initilized to zero if no offset/section
is specified, while the DIBitmap is not.

License: MIT/X11

File affected:

Patch Against:
	ReWind CVS 03 may 2002.

	Observed behaviour under windows: When a blank dibsection is created,
its contents is full of 0's.  In rewind/winehq-wine it is full of garbage
(sometimes) because the dibsection is in mode "insync" but the DIBitmap is full
of garbage. The truth is that the DIBSection isn't in sync, rather the app
memory is the "newer" version, it is filled with 0's.

TransGaming Technologies, David Hammerton.

David Hammerton
programmer and support
TransGaming Technologies Inc.
david at transgaming.com
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