patch for the ldconfig fix in latest snapshot

Dustin Navea speeddymon at
Sat May 11 16:29:24 CDT 2002

the evaluation of for $libdir in the latest
snapshot is incorrect.  there shouldn't be brackets
around it, this fixes it...

the way i found this was because bash gave an error
message when going to run $sucommand, it _now_
_correctly_ detects the presence of $libdir in


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--- tools/wineinstall	Sat May  4 13:31:24 2002
+++ tools/	Sat May 11 01:19:04 2002
@@ -319,7 +319,9 @@
     # to our sucommand string
     if [ -f /etc/ ]
-      if [ ! grep -qs "$libdir" /etc/ ]
+      # why were there brackets around this?  it wasn't evaluating 
+      # correctly because of them! -Dustin Navea
+      if ! grep -qs "$libdir" /etc/
       then {
 	echo "$libdir doesn't exist in your /etc/, it will be added"

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