Little correction to kernel32.spec

Vincent Béron vberon at
Sat May 11 17:04:08 CDT 2002

There's a bunch of APIs defined with ptr instead of str/wstr: should I
clean them up also?

 - The definition of GetSystemWideDirectory{A,W} in kernel32.spec had
some ptr args, while they are supposed to be {str, wstr} respectively.

Ove (and everybody else), my patches can be applied to the X11/MIT tree
if needed, athough I use the LGPL tree (so I won't support them for the
X11 tree).

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diff -urN wine/dlls/kernel/kernel32.spec-orig wine/dlls/kernel/kernel32.spec
--- wine/dlls/kernel/kernel32.spec-orig	Fri May 10 08:40:00 2002
+++ wine/dlls/kernel/kernel32.spec	Sat May 11 15:07:50 2002
@@ -959,13 +959,13 @@
 @ stdcall SetThreadExecutionState(long) SetThreadExecutionState
 # Windows 2000, Terminal Server 4.0 SP4 functions
-@ stdcall GetSystemWindowsDirectoryA(ptr long) GetSystemWindowsDirectoryA
-@ stdcall GetSystemWindowsDirectoryW(ptr long) GetSystemWindowsDirectoryW
+@ stdcall GetSystemWindowsDirectoryA(str long) GetSystemWindowsDirectoryA
+@ stdcall GetSystemWindowsDirectoryW(wstr long) GetSystemWindowsDirectoryW
 @ stdcall InitializeCriticalSectionAndSpinCount(ptr long) InitializeCriticalSectionAndSpinCount
 @ stdcall ProcessIdToSessionId(long ptr) ProcessIdToSessionId
 @ stdcall SetCriticalSectionSpinCount(ptr long) SetCriticalSectionSpinCount

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